Avoid Bad Habits That Can Cause Someone More Vulnerable to Depression

Having a healthy mentality is the desire of many people. Healthy mentality will make daily activities run normally and smoothly. Disrupted mentality will usually hinder the activities and targets that have been set. Life will be chaotic. Many things can cause a person to feel mentally disturbed. But unfortunately, not everyone understands that he has a mental health disorder. Those who have realized it, usually immediately do healing, one of them through Ayahuasca healing Washington.

In order to avoid mental health disorders, you should not do the following habits:

– Inferiority
People who tend to be inferior, judge themselves as lacking, compare themselves with others, and blame themselves too often will be easily stressed and depressed. It’s better to focus on what we have, maximize the potential we have, prove it to ourselves if we have a myriad of abilities, and don’t think too much about other people’s comments about us.

– harboring anger
Experts find that people who cannot express their anger in a healthy manner are more prone to experiencing various symptoms of depression. Therefore, learn to vent emotions and express anger, disappointment, and other negative feelings well. Don’t just be buried alone, especially if you disturb your mental health. Tell people you trust or share feelings in a diary.

– obsessive thoughts
Obsession is a negative thought that arises and is uncontrolled and repetitive of a past or current event. This will stress the body and brain, make breathing and heart rate increase rapidly, and the body releases the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. All of this will have an impact on physical and emotional health.

– Lazy motion
A study found an association between physical activity and depression. The study states that active people tend not to experience depression because physical activity will reduce the risk of depression. Start with simple physical activity. For example, walking out of the house, up and down stairs, cycling, or any activity that can make the body and mind always active.

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