Causes of fires due to electricity

Fires due to electricity often occur in Indonesia. Fires due to electricity can be caused by trivial things, such as short circuit (short-circuit) or commonly called electrical short circuit. Fires caused by trivial things such as electrical short circuit can cause material losses, even loss of life. Not only an electrical short circuit, but many factors can also cause a fire due to electricity. If you need help, you can visit extra resources.

– Short circuit (Short-circuit)
One of the causes of fires because electricity is a short circuit of electric current or often referred to as an electrical short circuit. An electrical short circuit occurs if a voltage cable is connected to a ground or common cable, or in contact with a different phase cable so that a high flow of electric current occurs between the cables. If on a system (for example a house) there is already a fuse or other safety device, the fuse will immediately cut off the electricity, so that the heat generated from the high current cannot become larger so the fire will not appear. Likewise, on the contrary, if in a system there are no safety devices such as fuses, when there is a condition of an electrical short circuit, the high flowing cable will be overheated and then burn.

– The occurrence of electrical contact
Electrical contacts can also cause overheating of an electrical component, such as a power outlet and plug. Sparks can occur every time the contact opens and closes, for example, in a socket.

– Over-fused circuits
Another factor that can cause heat is an overused circuit. In this condition the cable has a stronger current that is lower than the safety device (such as a fuse) installed, this condition can cause fire because the current that exceeds its rating is not disconnected by fuse or safety device.

– Leakage Current
Leaking currents can be a cause of fire from electricity. This is generally due to open wires coming into contact with water. Because water can conduct electricity, this condition can briefly cause sparks which can cause fires.

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