Coffee, A Cup of Delicious Drinks

Of every three people in the world, one of them is a coffee drinker. Coffee is really delicious if taken in the morning, or at night when work piles up. Coffee is one of the most enjoyed drinks by many people, which is not just swallowed, but also enjoyed. Coffee businesses such as buy coffee beans have also become a business of tens of billions of dollars, which can only be rivaled by the petroleum business. The seeds of the coffee plant are roasted and then mashed and served. The method of roasting coffee beans is not known when it starts. Then coffee manufactories from here were originated on the Arabian Peninsula around the 15th century, which is famous for being Arabica Coffee. Arabica coffee is currently the most widely produced type of coffee in the world, reaching more than 60 percent of world coffee production.

Initially, coffee was used as a food product. Then the coffee is used as a substitute for wine. Later coffee was also used as a medicine. And now famous coffee as a drink that is quite popular. At first, coffee is used as food. All coffee beans are crushed, then added oil. Then this mixture is shaped in a round shape and becomes food. Until now, some tribes in Africa still eat coffee in this form. Later, coffee was used as a substitute for wine. Coffee beans are made as drinks similar to wine. Some people make drinks like this by pouring boiling water into the dried coffee beans. As a medicine, coffee can be useful for treating migraines, headaches, heart problems, chronic asthma, and urination disorders. However, for excessive coffee consumption, it can be bad.

A variety of distinctive coffee flavors make a pleasant sensation in the mouth. Coffee is also one of the basic ingredients of several types of coffee flavored cakes. And the most popular is plain coffee and milk coffee.

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