How To Apply For A Job Online

Which one is better? Apply for company websites or job search sites? There is nothing better and worse. You can apply both ways according to each person’s preferences. If you like applying to job search sites because you can update your profile, CV, cover letter, experience, and feel it is easier. If you are more comfortable applying directly to the company’s website because you feel more direct, it can also be done. You can visit Jeremy Page Jeremy Page business to find out more.

There are several companies that only update their job openings on the company’s website, as one example is Disney. They do not disseminate job vacancies on job search sites and force applicants to subscribe to their sites to get updates. Well, you also have to be diligent in finding information on whether the company you are looking for is open to the public or not.

Compared to applying on company websites or job search sites, actually getting referrals from your colleagues will be more effective. If you have a friend in a company that you are looking for, it never hurts you to ask for his recommendation and send the company CV directly. In this way, your CV will get faster attention than having to compete with other people on job search sites.

If it fails to get direct contact to send your cv, just come back to apply on the company website or job search site. Instead of your name, there isn’t at all right?

If you often look at vacancies that are on the job search site, you are certainly no stranger to the points in sub-requirements and sub responsibilities, right? Well, the points there are the keywords that the company will look for when your CV is entered into the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It is impossible for companies to read one by one hundreds or even thousands of CVs that enter, so paste these keywords in the CV or cover letter so that your CV is read when searched by the system. Examples of these keywords such as “work in tight deadlines”, “S1 communication department”, “work in tight deadlines”, and so on.

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