The Installation of House Alarm System for Better Security

For those of you who often leave home for work, vacations, etc., it’s good to use House Alarms Dublin for your home that site. This is important because in order to maintain the security of your home when you go far or long. Now many home security systems in the form of alarms are very useful for you to install in your home. One important benefit is that it can give you a danger signal and make a loud noise that will panic the villain who is about to tear apart your house.

Those of you who still don’t understand the working system of this alarm, here we will provide an overview of how the alarm system works for the home that will provide a lot of convenience for you.

Infrared System

This sensor system can be said to be passive, this is because it can only detect it within a radius of 15m/90 that you can install in strategic places.

The system with GSM Alarm

This system can be said to be quite good and very easy for you because it will immediately provide a signal to the control that you hold as long as you are within the GSM work area. This system also makes it easy for you to turn on and off the alarm remotely just by entering the password you want. By using this GSM alarm, the alarm will also notify the three important numbers that you entered. Also, enter one of the security telephone numbers such as the nearest police guard or security guard in your home complex.


Besides using an alarm, it might be a good idea to also have CCTV that you can monitor only from your smart device. This is also very useful because for 24 hours you can monitor the condition of the house. The disadvantage of this CCTV is that only the range of CCTV cameras can be monitored, if you want to monitor many rooms in your home, you have to install several cameras and of course, it will cost a lot of money.

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