The Presence of Machine Wash Industrial for Laundry Service

With the development of entrepreneurial activities nowadays, it has a positive impact with the birth of various businesses. Kilo laundry business can be an alternative choice for entrepreneurship. Services that were previously only enjoyed by upper class people, can now be reached by the middle and lower classes. Assessing the phenomenon of the existence of laundry is very unique to be examined more deeply. This service sector business is increasingly mushrooming and competing with each other. Along with the increasing number of service sector businesses, it is inevitable that those who run this business must have a strategy and be ready to elbow each other to reap customers and significant profits. If you are running the laundry business, then you must consider the presence of lavadoras industriales. However, providing the best service is a must since there are so many competitors out there.

In its history in the world, laundry was originally only carried out in the river. With the industrial revolution that took place in England at that time, it was found a washing machine that is now used by the laundry business. Why then this kilo laundry business appears and can grow so rapidly, certainly raises questions. To answer this question the author uses three theories, namely the theory of capitalism, the theory of behavior and consumer culture, and lifestyle theory. Which of the three theories is related to one another.

now the eyes of the existence of laundry are now increasingly mushrooming. Distance location between one laundry with another laundry sometimes close together. It can be concluded that the existence, existence and increasingly mushrooming of laundry besides due to the economic system (capitalism) which demands creativity and individual freedom to participate in advancing the nation’s economy. Also supported by the behavior of consumers or the community, especially students and office employees because of their busy lives that will lead to consumptive behavior and follow habits. Habits will make the behavior become a trend or life force. A new paradigm will be built, claims that washing and ironing will be considered impractical, a waste of time, and outdated.

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