Why It’s Called as Keto Diet

Perhaps, some of you are looking for best ketogenic diet books. The keto diet is a diet method that implements eating with a pattern that is low in carbohydrates but high in fat content. Maybe many are wondering and wonder because this diet emphasizes the high fat content, even though diet fighters usually avoid consuming fat during their diet. The answer is because this ketogenic diet chooses good fats, not bad fats like those consumed as usual.

Keto diet is a diet method by limiting the number of carbohydrates consumed more tightly. This condition makes the body experience ketosis. When the situation is normal, this ketosis occurs when someone is in a condition of not consuming carbo or consuming carbo but only in very few portions. This lack of carbohydrates is what makes glucose levels then drop in the body which makes the body break down fat in order to make it a source of energy. This fat breakdown is called a ketone condition that builds up in the body.

The effects of the body during this ketosis are by reducing the level of fat in the body and making a decrease in body weight. In addition, this keto diet is also said to provide benefits such as:

– Helps prevent and treat diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s to neurodegenerative diseases.

– Helps reduce inflammation.

– Making the genes in the body healthier and reducing the number of free radicals.

This ketosis is basically a mild form of ketoacidosis that usually attacks people who suffer from type 1 diabetes and is the leading cause of death for diabetics in the 24-year age range. Apart from these extreme conditions, many experts have stated that the condition of ketosis is not dangerous. Even some studies also state that if the keto diet is arguably safe for those who suffer from obesity.

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