Frequently Doing These Habits Can Cause Branching Hair

As part of the body that supports the appearance, everyone does everything to maintain the beauty of the hair. In addition, they apply the model and color according to the trend or desired. Many references on the internet to look for hair models and colors, one of which is in Black Health and Wealth. A variety of hairstyles, ranging from short to long, are available there. Not only that, Black Health and Wealth also provides unique and attractive hair color references.

In hair care, you may often find split ends. The ends of split ends are usually very dry, brittle until they appear to break down or split into two parts. Maybe without realizing it, there are many reasons behind the damage to the tip of the hair. Whether it’s due to weather changes, wrong hair care techniques, or the use of products that damage the hair so it becomes dry. To find out what really causes split ends, try to recall if you did at least one of these things:

– Always tie hair in the same place
hair in the same place every day it can damage the hair. This is triggered by strong pressure from the hair tie. Like, hair also needs space to breathe, and tying it too tight can make it difficult to move hair freely. Especially if this habit is done when the hair is still wet. Over time, the hair becomes more damaged and branched.

-Repeatedly coloring hair
As we may already know, the use of hair paints that contain lots of chemicals can damage the naturalness of the hair and cause hair to split. This will get worse if the coloring process is done many times, especially if it is not accompanied by the provision of serum or vitamins to maintain healthy hair.

– Use hair care products that don’t match
Hair care products with ingredients that don’t match hair can eliminate the natural content of hair. That is why the hair becomes easily tangled, brittle, damaged, and makes it vulnerable to rupture and branching at the edges.