Everything About Wifi Installation: What You Should Know

There have been many questions related to Wifi, wifi network installation, wifi network maintenance and even wifi site survey Toronto. There were also other questions that I did not answer because some of the questioners were rather lazy thinking to find conclusions from the answers that I had explained to the previous questioners.

1. What should be done when planning a wifi installation

Before installing a wifi network, of course, we have to make a plan. The planning that we make must be based on accurate data, what is the accurate data?

– A distance between main wifi and client
– How many clients want to connect to wifi
– What is the percentage of wifi clients that uses 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies
– What are the main devices needed
– Any device and supporting material needed
– What is the pattern of client wifi deployment
– How to install and place a wifi device, whether mounting the wifi device in indoor or outdoor.
– How to provide a power source for installed wifi devices

2. Perform a serious survey and get detailed data

The most important thing before installing a wifi network is to conduct a survey to get the data needed in detail. The following are the steps in conducting a survey:

– Measure the distance between the main wifi and the most remote client.
– Use maps for distances above 500 meters
– Measure air distance or straight lines between the 2 connection points, not the road mileage.
– Check carefully whether there is a barrier between the connections or not
– If there is a barrier then determine how high the barrier is and what the material of the barrier is, whether it is a tree or a wall.
– Check and make a sketch of the mounting or holder to install the wifi device, because outdoor or indoor wifi when we buy is not equipped with a special mounting to be installed. Moreover, outdoor wifi, there is absolutely no special pole to place the wifi. We have to make it ourselves, and the mounting design is adjusted to the conditions or place that we will install.