The Function of an Attorney in the Trial

Lawyers are a profession that most people dream of. Because by becoming a lawyer, you can uphold the truth and provide legal services personal injury litigation. The following are the duties and functions of an inseparable lawyer. You can get the best attorney by visiting personal injury attorney las vegas

The function of a lawyer is as follows:

Constitution guards and human rights
Fighters for human rights in Indonesian law
Carry out a lawyer code of ethics. The code of ethics that must be obeyed by a lawyer in carrying out his duties and functions as a lawyer, namely:
– To be responsible
– The matter of obligation that must be done by a lawyer.
– Maintain his professional attitude in carrying out his profession as a lawyer.
– Maintain integrity in carrying out a profession as a lawyer.
– Maintain the good reputation of a lawyer.

Valid as legal advice or provide legal advice
Valid as a legal opinion or give a legal opinion
Applies as legal drafting or arranging contracts
Valid as a legal information or provide information about the law
Valid as litigation or defend the interests of clients
Valid as a legal representative or representing clients when facing a court. The lawyer is obliged to represent his client to disclose what happened to the client regarding the legal case he lived.

Valid as a legal aid or provide legal services for free to weak people and unable to pay for their services as lawyers.

Of course very many people are involved in legal cases but do not have money. Here is the duty of lawyers as legal aid to defend the weak so that the truth can stand upright. There are also good relationships that must be maintained between the lawyer and the client. This good relationship is prioritizing the client’s interests rather than personal interests.

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