These Are Three Characters You Should Not Write On Curriculum Vitae

Applying for a job is not easy for many people, because there are many documents that must be prepared and you have to make the document look professional and not seem to be a very important document. For that, make sure you have prepared various things in the document that are right. You can also find work in an job centre online so you can get the most appropriate job for yourself

However, when writing a curriculum vitae or job application letter, there are various words or characters that you really shouldn’t write because it makes the CV unprofessional. Some of the characters in question are

1. Honest
When you write an honest word into one of your characters, the recruiters will usually think otherwise. Or precisely because of your honesty, there will be a corporate secret that you will give to other people who ask. Then this can provoke questions to what conditions you can be honest.

2. Hard worker
Everyone can even be said to be a hard worker because they will work wherever they are accepted to work. The company does not accept prospective employees who are lazy and do not want to change themselves to be better. However, it is a good idea to include this word with an example or experience that you have done in the nature of the hard worker. This is indeed not a negative thing, but try writing it creatively so that recruiters are interested in getting to know you further.

3. Able to work under pressure
You will write this point if you apply for a job in a part that looks serious such as management, economics or finance. Maybe you haven’t fully realized that every job must have pressure and can make you feel stressed. You also cannot provide guarantees when your co-workers continuously share tasks with strict deadlines.

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