What is the most effective swimming style to reduce weight?

Besides being good for heart health, swimming is also effective in losing weight with a low risk of injury. However, of the four swimming styles, there is one of the most powerful styles that can lose weight. Which do you think? Swimming movements involve a lot of muscle movement. The heart and lungs work harder when exercising in water. Not surprisingly, swimming can burn a lot of calories. Even weight can go down. If you want to make a swimming pool, you can visit fiberglass pools lexington sc.

If the distance and speed are considered the same, here is the ratio of burning calories based on each swimming style.

– Chest Style

Maybe we most often see people swimming with this style. When doing this style, the upper and lower body muscles will be as active. When pulling this style of hand in front of the chest full of energy, we move the pectoralis muscle, the muscle in the chest. Also included, the muscles in the arms are like biceps. After pulling your hand in front of your chest, you have to push your hand back to the front in a straight position. This encouragement requires the involvement of the shoulder, chest and triceps muscles. Alternately with your hands, your feet are moved. The lower muscles of the legs, buttocks, thighs will be involved in the movement of the breaststroke. Frog style or frog style is a style that burns fewer calories than other swimming styles. Swimming breaststroke for 10 minutes burns up to 60 calories.

– Back style

Back style is the only style with the supine position facing the sky, while the other 3 swimming styles lie flat on the water. Back style to train the core muscles to hold the body can be balanced and straight on the surface of the water. Backward hand movements in this style also make the biceps move the most dominant. The hands must rotate continuously to push water with all your might, while moving your feet. Backstroke foot movement involves a lot of the lower muscles, from the buttock muscles, thigh muscles to the hamstring muscles (3 types of muscles that are along the back of the thigh, under the pelvis to the bottom of the knee). This back style can burn 80 calories in 10 minutes.

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